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The Historical Museum

New exhibition: Fabulous Animals

The Vikings and their ancestors looked upon animals with awe and admiration. Enter a world where the relationship with animals was completely different from today.


Studio Photos – Somalia 1960–1980

This exhibition will last from September 18 2021 to November 30, 2021.

Emotions in Antiquity and Ancient Egypt

Get close up to feelings that are thousands of years old. Our new exhibition displays emotions across time and space.

An historic walk through the world!

At the Historical Museum, you can return to the past in Norway's largest cultural-historical collections. You can see the country’s oldest skull, exquisite Viking treasures, Egyptian mummies and a multitude of ethnographic exhibitions, to name a few.

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Temporary exhibitions

MEMORY ON THE HORIZON Studiofotografier – Somalia 1960–1980

September 18 - December 30 2021

Exhibitions archive and previous online exhibitions

The Historical Museum has a long history. And with a long history comes many exhibitions and a lot of content. Experience previous exhibitions and online exhibitions.


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The shop has a wide range of jewelry, books and magazines related to archeology, history, anthropology and numismatics. We also have postcards, souvenirs and toys.

There is no food or drink service at the museum, but there are cafés and restaurants in the immidiate vicinity.

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Frederiks gate 2, 0164 Oslo

Public transport


There is no dedicated parking at the museum. Visitors kan use public parking in the area. 


Accessibility and facilities at the Historical Museum

  • The building has four floors and a basement. The southern wing on the 3rd floor is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Entrances: Three entrances are accessible by steps. One entrance at the back of the museum is accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Lift: The museum has a cargo lift (295cm x 205cm) at the back of the museum. To use the lift, patrons must ring the telephone number posted by the front entrance.
  • Toilets: Toilets are located on the landing between the ground floor and 1st floor. Toilets for disabled persons are located on the 2nd floor.
  • Accessibility: Some interior doorways have high thresholds, non-standard widths and heavy doors. The building is not equipped with a wire loop. Please notify the staff if you need assistance or if there are other ways we can accommodate you.
  • Animals are not allowed into the building. Except for guide dogs for the blind.

Do you have any questions regarding your visit?

Please contact us through email: or by phone: (47) 22851900