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The Viking Ship Museum: Closed

The Viking Ship Museum is now closed for rebuilding. We will reopen as the Museum of the Viking Age in 2026.

The Viking Ship Museum is now closed for rebuilding. After 95 years in operation, the Viking Ship Museum closes its doors  and will re-emerge anew in five years as the Museum of the Viking Age.

Ever since the museum opened in 1926, the Viking Ship Museum has been a national symbol and gathering place for Norway's most important cultural heritage. For almost 100 years, the ship graves from Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune and Borre have captivated visitors from all over the world.

It is crucial to build a new museum to secure the cultural heritage for future generations. The new museum will ensure optimal conditions for the objects and at the same time give the public a unique encounter with the Viking Age.

The new Museum of the Viking Age

Norway's new world attraction
- everything you need to know about the new museum that opens in 2026.

The Oseberg Viking Ship

The Oseberg Ship in the exhibition hall

Oseberg is richly decorated and was equipped with lavish burial gifts for the two women onboard. It took 21 years to restore the ship and the finds.

The Gokstad Viking Ship

The Gokstad Ship in the exhibition hall

Gokstad was a fast ship, suitable for high sea voyages. The man buried in it suffered cutting blows to both legs, indicating that he died in battle. 

The Tune Viking Ship

The Tune Ship in the exhibition hall

Tune was built from oak around 910 AD and had room for 24 rowers. The strong mast and lack of cargo capacity indicate a warship.

Visit the Historical Museum

At the Historical Museum, you can return to the past in Norway's largest cultural-historical collections. You can see the country’s oldest skull, exquisite Viking treasures, Egyptian mummies and a multitude of ethnographic exhibitions, to name a few.

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Learn more about the vikings

The Cultural History Museum in Oslo is a research museum with extensive activities. Below is a list of current projects related to the Viking Age and other resources to help you find photos and information about archeological digs, projects and finds.  

Drawing of vikings in bright colors

Junior pages about Vikings

The junior pages are made for you who are in the 5th to 7th grade and who want to know more about the Vikings.

Art and craftmanship

Exhibitions archive and previous online exhibitions

The Viking Ship Museum has a long history. And with a long history comes many exhibitions and a lot of content. Experience previous exhibitions and online exhibitions.

    Further resources

    The objects in our collections are registered and published online in the photographic web portal Unimus. It contains several thousand images of artifacts as well as documentation from fieldwork and conservation processes.

    Unimus facilitates combined queries throughout all the Norwegian university museums' collections. 


    Library at The Historical Museum

    There are two libraries belonging to the Cultural History Museum. Both are open to the public. 

    See information about the Etnographic Library

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