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A Brand New Find!

Yesterday we found something new: a nail with an anchor-shaped rove.

soil, excavation, ship nail, brush, hand

The nail was uncovered on Monday. Photo: Margrethe K. H. Havgar/KHM.

The nail with anchor-shaped rove (also called "claw nail" in Norwegian) is both of a different type and size than other roves we have found so far!

soil, ship nail, anchor shaped rove, excavation
The nail with anchor-shaped rove was found between two smaller, regular rivets. Photo: Margrethe K. H. Havgar/KHM.

This nail is a type of rivet that has been used to fasten the floortimber (which is part of the frame construction of the ship) to the planks in the inner hull construction of the ship.

cross section, ship construction, viking ship
The red circle indicates where the rove likely has fastened the floortimber to the planks on the Gjellestad ship. Illustration: Cross section of the Oseberg ship with explanations, Vibeke Bischoff.

Finding these nails enables us to identify the frames of the ship, which are important details for the reconstruction of the ship. The frames are otherwise mostly decomposed. The nail we found this week is therefore a nice detail from the original ship construction.

ship, viking ship, Oseberg ship, ship interior, ship construction, wood
This is an example of the possible placement of a rove. This particular rove is from the Oseberg ship. Photo: KHM.

We have also made a photogrammetry model (meaning a 3D model) of how the nail looked in situ. It has already been published, so you can go check it out if you want!

excavation, ship nail, hand, arm, trowel
The nail with anchor-shaped rove was uncovered in the mid section of the ship, on what is most likely the port side. Photo: Margrethe K. H. Havgar/KHM.


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