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This week you can follow the excavation live at

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This week the excavation is being live streamed at Photo: Screenshot of

This week (September 21st-25th 2020) the Gjellestad excavation is being live streamed! The stream is a part of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK's project Alltid viking (Always Viking), which is going to publish a lot of interesting content on the Viking Age this week across various digital platforms. On Alltid viking's front page there is also a Q+A section where viewers can ask questions.

The project and content will largely be in Norwegian, but it is possible to view the live stream from anywhere. Feel free to stop by and have a look!

This week these enthusiastic archaeologists are going to be hanging out at From the left: Ruben, Per, Morten (Viken county), Christian, Magnus, Karine, Camilla, Tomo, Margrethe, Ingvild, Anne, Julia, Nora, and Vegard. Photo: Martin Tangen Schmidt


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