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The Viking Ship Museum

See the world's best preserved viking ships up close

All the viking ships at our museum were ocean going vessels before they were hauled onto land to be used in burial rituals for their wealthy owners. In the burial mounds, archeologists unearthed sceletons, beautiful wood carvings and a diverse range of artifacts from the fascinating world of the vikings.   

Open every day all week

  • 1 October to 30 April: 10:00 to 16:00
  • 1 May to 30 September: 09:00 to 18:00
  • Closed: 1 January, 5 February, 12 February 2020

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The Oseberg Viking Ship

The Oseberg Ship in the exhibition hallOseberg is richly decorated and was equipped with lavish burial gifts for the two women onboard. It took 21 years to restore the ship and the finds.

The Gokstad Viking Ship

The Gokstad Ship in the exhibition hallGokstad was a fast ship, suitable for high sea voyages. The man buried in it suffered cutting blows to both legs, indicating that he died in battle. 

The Tune Viking Ship

The Tune Ship in the exhibition hallTune was built from oak around 910 AD and had room for 24 rowers. The strong mast and lack of cargo capacity indicate a warship.

Art and craftmanship

Photo of a carved animal head in wood

See all the beautifully crafted grave gifts found with the ships, ranging from everyday objects and utensils to religious artifacts with breathtaking details.

Vikings Alive

Photo from the film in the exhibition hall

Are you ready for a different kind of museum experience? Three times every hour, you can join us for a unique visual journey into the Viking Age.

Museum shop and café

Visit the museum shop to find books, gifts and souvenirs related to your museum experience. There is also an outdoor summer café serving light snacks. The store will be closed October 31, 2019.

Free audio guides

Screenshot av forsiden på appen til VikingskipshusetDownload our free app to get audio guides on your phone. (PS: we have wifi)

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Guided tours

There are no regular tours organized by the museum, but you will find guided tours organized by external guide services on VisitOslo.

For tour operators

Crowd of people in the museum interiorTo apply for a voucher agreement, please download this form.

For any questions, contact our ticket office: + 47 22 13 52 80 or

There is parking for buses in front of the museum. 

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Experience Bygdøy

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Download our brochure to see the other museums you can visit if you want to spend a day on the beautiful peninsula of Bygdøy.

Visit the Historical Museum

The VÍKINGR exhibition. Photo by Snøhetta.

Do you want to experience more history? Your ticket is valid in both museums for 48 hours!

Learn more about the vikings

The Cultural History Museum in Oslo is a research museum with extensive activities. Below is a list of current projects related to the Viking Age and other resources to help you find photos and information about archeological digs, projects and finds.  

Research projects and groups


Further resources

The objects in our collections are registered and published online in the photographic web portal Unimus. It contains several thousand images of artifacts as well as documentation from fieldwork and conservation processes.

Unimus facilitates combined queries throughout all the Norwegian university museums' collections. 


Image may contain: building, ceiling, room, interior design, floor.

There are two libraries belonging to the Cultural History Museum. Both are open to the public. 

See information about the Etnographic Library

See information about the Archeology Library

New Viking Age Museum

Photo of a viking ship in an exhibition space, bathed in blue light

Within 2025, you will be able to experience the Viking Age in a new type of research museum.

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Accessibility and facilities at Viking Ship Museum

  • The building has two floors. The exhibition space is wheelchair accessible with exception of the upper balconies. The offices on the ground floor are accessible through a side door.
  • Entrances: The main entrance is wheelchair accessible, but the door is heavy. The side entrances are for staff only. Please notify the staff if you need assistance.
  • Lift: A wheelchair lift is available inside.
  • Toilets: A number of toilets are located in the basement. Toilets for disabled persons are also in the basement, and are accessible by a wheelchair lift. One HC-toilet is for the public and one is for the staff.
  • Accessibility: Some interior doorways have high thresholds, non-standard widths and heavy doors. The building is not equipped with a wire loop. Please notify the staff if you need assistance or if there are other ways we can accommodate you.