CAA 2016
Tid og sted: 2. feb. 2016 10:00 - 2. apr. 2016 17:00, Historisk museum

Påmelding til konferansen Computer Applications in Archaeology (CAA) 2016 pågår. CAA avholdes fra 29. mars til 2. april 2016.

Tid og sted: 3. nov. 2015 - 5. nov. 2015, Professor Residence, Karl Johansgate 47, Oslo

The symposium “Belief, Scholarship and Cultural heritage: Paul Olav Bodding and the Making of a Scandinavian-Santal Legacy” will bring together prominent scholars on the Santals and related peoples of Central India, Bangladesh and Nepal alongside literary, heritage and minority and indigenous rights professionals and church leaders from South Asia and Europe. The symposium, commemorating the 150th anniversary of his birth, is the first ever to address comprehensively the diverse and enduring legacy of the scholar-missionary Paul Olav Bodding (1865-1938).

Link to webcast from the conference:


Tid og sted: 19. mai 2015 - 22. mai 2015, Gdansk, Poland

Konferansen Condition.2015 – Conservation and digitalization conference – avholdes i Gdańsk, Polen, 19.-22. mai 2015.