SENKU-seminar med Ragnhild Zorgati

Islam in fiction

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"Islam in Fiction” is a sub-project of the research initiative Mobile Muslims and Invisible Islam, which conducts non-normative, empirically driven, comparative analysis of how Islam takes shape in Europe. Throughout the history of religion, contact with religious plurality has often led to conversion and apostasy, but also to fluid, in-between religious identities, bricolage, and hybridity that are harder to detect and categorize. There are reasons to believe that individual Muslim religiosities in today’s Europe are equally complex, and part of a “broader moment of cultural flux, mixture, and interpenetration” (Brubaker 2016).

“Islam in Fiction” studies how such social dynamics and religious complexities are configured in contemporary literary fiction, from Michel Houellebecq’s Soumission and Kaspar Colling Nielsen’s Den europeiske våren to Jonas Hassen Khemiri’s Montecore – en unik tiger and Zeshan Shakar’s Tante Ulrikkes Vei.

Ragnhild Zorgati er førsteamanuensis i religionsvitenskap ved IKOS, UiO.

Publisert 30. aug. 2019 14:06 - Sist endret 27. mars 2020 13:59