The article pertains to the pan-ethnic and transnational dimensions of contemporary political and cultural interaction and orientati ons between diverse ethnically/culturally and linguistically kindred ethnic groups such as Tamils.

Guest editor: Geoffrey Gowlland

This special issue is based on the proceedings of an anthropological workshop organized at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. It took the unique approach of reflecting on the intersection between the subdisciplines of visual anthropology and the anthropology of craftwork. 

Gro Birgit Ween

Indigenous people live in places that non-indigenous people generally consider nature. As these peoples’ livelihoods often are in this nature, their lives are frequently bureaucratised in ways that most of us would never encounter. This article describes my long-term effort to find ways to explore such bureaucratic processes in practice as part of my contribution to an environmental anthropology.

Kristin Asdal and Gro Birgit Ween


This special issue of the Nordic Journal of Science and Technology Studies is interested in how nature, in different versions and forms, is invited into our studies, analyses, and stories. How is it that we “write nature”? How is it that we provide space for, and actually describe the actors, agents, or surroundings, in our stories and analyses?

By Øivind Fuglerud.

In Museum Anthropology, Volume 35. Issue 2. October 2012 (Pages 170 - 184).

DOI 10.1111/j. 1548-1379.2012.01130.x

By Peter Bjerregaard

In Christian Suhr & Rane Willerslev (eds.) : Transcultural Montage

Berghahn books 2013. ISBN 978-0-85745-964-0

In: S. Eyb-Green et al. (eds.) TheArtist’s Process. Technology and Interpretation Archetype Publications, London 2012, p. 172-175

Journal of Cultural Heritage ( ISSN 1296-2074) Vol. 13, hefte 3, 2012, ss. 183-190.

Mikkel Christensen, Hartmut Kutzke og Finn Knut Hansen

A runic name-riddle in an Icelandic manuscript from 1804, Landsbókasafn 2565 8vo, conceals the author's name "Guðmundur" and is Guðmundur Bergþórsson's signature in his Olgeir rímur danska. The manuscript turns out to be written by Gísli Konráðsson, father of Professor Konrad Gislason.

Futhark: International Journal of Runic Studies ( ISSN 1892-0950) Vol. 2, 2011.

James Knirk

Journal of Medieval History Volume 38, Issue 2, 2012  

Giles E.M. Gaspera* & Svein H. Gullbekkb