Exploring an artist’s practice: an ongoing project on Edvard Munch’s colour tubes

In: S. Eyb-Green et al. (eds.) TheArtist’s Process. Technology and Interpretation Archetype Publications, London 2012, p. 172-175

How do we know about the techniques and the materials a painter has used? Most of our knowledge we obtained from examination and chemical analyses of works of art and from studies of the contemporary art technological literature. A special ‘godsend’ is the existence of origi­nal colours used by an artist that can give us information on supplier, trade name and chemical composition. Comparison between those original colours and the ones used on paintings can help to address questions of dating and authenticity.

The Munch Museum, Oslo, houses c 920 colour tubes and other painting materials from Edvard Munch’s possession. The Munch Museum, Oslo, and the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, have established a joint project to investigate the tubes, catalogue them, put the results in an art technological context and make the results accessible.

Av Hartmut Kutzke, Biljana Topolova-Casadiego
Publisert 8. mars 2013 11:25 - Sist endret 10. okt. 2018 14:00