Visual Anthropology special issue: Imaging/Imagining Craftwork, vol. 28, n. 4, 2015

Guest editor: Geoffrey Gowlland

This special issue is based on the proceedings of an anthropological workshop organized at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. It took the unique approach of reflecting on the intersection between the subdisciplines of visual anthropology and the anthropology of craftwork. 

Still and moving images are routinely used by anthropologists of crafts and techniques, yet the literature investigat- ing such images critically is scarce. Arguably images of craft-making have certain characteristics that make them stand out as special cases of visual data derived from ethnographic research. Contributors here reflect critically on their own image-making practices in the field, and address a range of issues relating to fieldwork methodology, images of craft as objects in their own right, and participatory image-making practices.




Geoffrey Gowlland

Imaging/Imagining Craftwork


Alanna Cant

One Image, Two Stories: Ethnographic and Touristic Photography and the Practice of Craft in Mexico


Geoffrey Gowlland

Unpacking Craft Skills: What Can Images Reveal about the Embodied Experience of Craft?


Soumhya Venkatesan

After the Event: Video and Its Potential for Uncovering Information


Trevor H. J. Marchand

A Diary of Filmmaking with Djenné Masons: From “Studies of” toward “Studies with”


Tom G. Svensson

On Craft and Art: Some Thoughts on Repatriation and Collecting Policy—The Case of Collections at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo


Anders Emil Rasmussen

Images as Things: Photographing and Filming kastom in Papua New Guinea


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