The world’s only Viking helmet

Many Viking warriors used helmets, but only one has survived. It is this one, the famous Gjermundbu helmet.

viking helmet

The world’s only Viking helmet comes from a Viking grave found on the Gjermundbu farm in Ringerike. © Museum of Cultural History, UiO/ Ove Holst

A powerful chieftain with a helmet

Not many could afford a helmet like this one, so the warrior who owned it must have been a very rich and powerful man. Perhaps he was a chieftain, the reason why his war gear was especially fine.

Helmet with «glasses»

The helmet had  a metal frame around the eyes, like glasses, and plates at the back that protected  the warrior’s neck. The inside of the helmet would have been lined with wool or leather to soften blows, like the styrofoam lining in a bicycle helmet.

Did warrior need his helmet in the Realm of the Dead?

When the warrior died he was buried in a burial mound. He was given many things a warrior would need in the Realm of the Dead; a sword, a shirt of chail mail and this fine helmet.

sverd, ringbrynje og stigbøyler fra Gjermundbu
Sword, pieces of chain mail, and a stirrup from the Gjermundbu burial. © Museum of Cultural History, UiO/ Vegard Vike/ Ove Holst/ Ellen C. Holte

Kjekt å vite

  • Gjermundbuhjelmen har fått namnet sitt etter garden Gjermundbu på Ringerike der den blei funnen.
  • Hjelmen blei laga ein gong mellom 950 og 975.
  • Du kan sjå hjelmen i Historisk museum i Oslo.
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