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Cultural Heritage Management

Cultural Heritage Management

The Museum of Cultural History is the professional advisor for The Directorate of Cultural Management, regional municipal authorities and other agencies within the cultural heritage administration. The Museum issues statements and advise regarding the scientific value of heritage sites and monuments, with an assessment based on specific criteria and general research status. The scientific value is attained through archaeological excavations. General research and academic development are principal objectives and is central to the Museums management plan.

Archaeological excavations

The Museum of Cultural History manages annually a number of archaeological excavations within its administrative region of 10 counties, located in East and South-Norway. The excavations are instigated when development plans, both private and public, are in conflict with heritage sites. Heritage monuments, sites and objects ascribed a date prior to 1537 AD, is protected by law and regarded as the Property of the State of Norway.

Metal detecting

During the last few years, private metal detecting has increased significantly. The number of metal finds retrieved and handed in to the care of the Museum of Cultural History has tripled within the last five years. The correct use of a metal detector can save objects from destruction in cultivated soils. However, by using a metal detector, you also have a responsibility to ensure that your activity does not damage archaeological monuments or sites.

Protection against illegal import and export of cultural heritage

The Museum of Cultural History is a National Authoritative Institution in the export of archaeological and ethnographical objects. The Museum also acts as an expert witness in cases involving a suspicion of the illegal import of antiquities and objects of cultural importance.

How do I report an archaeological find?

If you have found something that you think might be a cultural heritage object? 

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