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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Rachel Altpeter Altpeter, Rachel Archaeological Conservator +47 90146303 Conservation, Archaeological conservation
Andreassen, Ingvild Solberg Head Engineer +47 22859928
Astrup, Eva Elisabeth
Picture of Bente Follestad Bakken Bakken, Bente Follestad Section Manager +47 22859577
Picture of Jessica Barlindhaug Angstreich Barlindhaug Angstreich, Jessica Coordinator for new exhibitions, Museum of the Viking Age +4795249327
Picture of Inger Marie Berg-Hansen Berg-Hansen, Inger Marie Associate Professor +47 22851913 +47 41688955 Archaeology, Stone Age, Lithic Technology, Technology, Material culture, Stone Age Survey, Landscape archaeology, Hunter-gatherers
Picture of Jostein Bergstøl Bergstøl, Jostein Associate Professor +47 22851905 +47 90636761
Picture of Jan Bill Bill, Jan Professor +47 22859556 +47 99887225 Archeology, Viking Age
Birkelund, Kristina Veshnyakova Adviser
Picture of Inge Bjørgen Bjørgen, Inge Head Engineer +47 22859973 Exhibitions
Bjørkli, Birgitte Adviser +47 22859805
Picture of Letizia Bonelli Bonelli, Letizia Head Engineer +47 92170450 3D scanning, Documentation, Archaeology
Picture of Mika Boros Boros, Mika Doctoral Research Fellow +47 940 77057
Bosy, Ava Rebecca Cecilie Sæbø Senior Executive Officer
Botani, Kisra Sabri Senior Executive Officer +47 22851951
Picture of Susan Braovac Braovac, Susan Associate Professor, Conservation of organic archaeological materials 22 85 93 40 47370338
Bratlie, Eivind
Picture of Grethe Bjørkan Bukkemoen Bukkemoen, Grethe Bjørkan Adviser +47 22841919
Bøckman, Ingvild Tinglum Adviser
Picture of Håkon Aamot Caspersen Caspersen, Håkon Aamot Postdoctoral Fellow Social Anthropology, Ethnography, intelligence, IQ, Art education
Picture of Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty Chepstow-Lusty, Lill-Ann Head Engineer 0047901660 Documentation, Photograph
Picture of Hege Damlien Damlien, Hege Associate Professor +47 22851948 Archeology, Mesolithic, Lithic technology
Picture of Lavinia de Ferri de Ferri, Lavinia Associate Professor Raman spectroscopy, pigments, paintings, dyes, textiles, stone, glass, plasters, mortars
Picture of Nicoló Dell'Unto Dell'Unto, Nicoló Associate Professor Archaeology archaeology, digital archaeology, archaeological theory and Methods, Landscape archaeology, 3D GIS, Virtual environments
Devarajah, Rameshan Head Engineer +47 22851920 +47 95803334