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Museum of Cultural History Working Papers

The Museum of Cultural History working paper series presents work in progress.


The Museum of Cultural History Working Papers series publishes pre-prints of articles and book chapters. Working papers are offered on this site by the author, in the interests of scholarship. The series is not refereed, and copyright remains with the individual authors. To publish a paper here, please contact

Comments on papers or questions should be sent directly to the author at his or her e-mail address. Papers may be cited without seeking prior permission from the author. See the individual papers for the proper form for citing papers in this series.

List of working papers

Cooling down the overheated Anthropocene
Lessons from anthropology and cultural history

2018 Gutorm Gjessing lecture,
Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

Thomas Hylland Eriksen
Department of Social Anthropology
University of Oslo
Working paper No. 1/2018

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