Camilla Cecilie Wenn

Adviser - Rescue Archaeology
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Phone +47 22859435
Mobile phone +47 90404209
Visiting address Kabelgaten 34
Postal address Postboks 6762 St. Olavs plass 0130 Oslo

Tasks performed

My main tasks include excavations within the Museum of Cultural History administrative area, and producing the reports from these excavations. I mostly work with Iron Age settlements, graves, cultivation and production, but occasionally do Bronze Age and Medieval projects as well.

My research in recent years have focussed on graves, in particular the reopening of graves, manipulation and/or removal of grave goods and grave reuse, in Norway and Turkey. Previously I have studied coarse ware pottery in Central Italy, and water-related infrastructure in the Mediterranean.


Cand.philol. (MA) in Archaeology from the University of Oslo, 2006, on coarse ware pottery from the Latin settlement of Ficana (Lazio), Italy.

Cand.mag. (BA) including 1,5 year units in Archaeology and English, 1 year units in History and Latin, 0,5 year units in Ancient Greek and Project work, 1/3 semester units in Italian language, literature and history/geography.

Work and studies abroad

Var. stays at the Norwegian Institute in Rome, 2002-2016

Excavation of Roman-Byzantine necropolis in Hierapolis (Denizli), Turkey, 2009-2015

Excavation of stone age settlement in Ålborg, Denmark, 2004

Excavation of Elymian settlement at Monte Polizzo (Sicilia), Italy, 2001-2002

Excavation of Roman Imperial villa in Nemi (Lazio), Italy, 2000-2002

Tags: Settlement Archaeology, Graves, iron production, tar production, cultivation, Iron Age, Viking Age, Turkey, Italy, Classical archaeology, Roman pottery, water management
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