Camilla Cecilie Wenn

Adviser - Rescue Archaeology
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Phone +47 22859435
Mobile phone +47 90404209
Visiting address Kabelgaten 34
Postal address Postboks 6762 St. Olavs plass 0130 Oslo

Tasks performed

My main tasks include excavations within the Museum of Cultural History administrative area, and producing the reports from these excavations. I mostly work with Iron Age settlements, graves, cultivation and production, but occasionally do Bronze Age and Medieval projects as well.

My research in recent years have focussed on graves, in particular the reopening of graves, manipulation and/or removal of grave goods and grave reuse, in Norway and Turkey. Previously I have studied coarse ware pottery in Central Italy, and water-related infrastructure in the Mediterranean.


Cand.philol. (MA) in Archaeology from the University of Oslo, 2006, on coarse ware pottery from the Latin settlement of Ficana (Lazio), Italy.

Cand.mag. (BA) including 1,5 year units in Archaeology and English, 1 year units in History and Latin, 0,5 year units in Ancient Greek and Project work, 1/3 semester units in Italian language, literature and history/geography.

Work and studies abroad

Var. stays at the Norwegian Institute in Rome, 2002-2016

Excavation of Roman-Byzantine necropolis in Hierapolis (Denizli), Turkey, 2009-2015

Excavation of stone age settlement in Ålborg, Denmark, 2004

Excavation of Elymian settlement at Monte Polizzo (Sicilia), Italy, 2001-2002

Excavation of Roman Imperial villa in Nemi (Lazio), Italy, 2000-2002

Tags: Settlement Archaeology, Graves, iron production, tar production, cultivation, Iron Age, Viking Age, Turkey, Italy, Classical archaeology, Roman pottery, water management


Publications in English

Glørstad, Zanette Tsigaridas & Camilla Cecilie Wenn (2017). A view from the valley: Langeid in Setesdal, South Norway – a Viking-Age trade station along a mercantile highway. I: Z. T. Glørstad & K. Loftsgarden (eds.), Viking-Age Transformations: Trade, Craft and Resources in Western Scandinavia, pp. 191-211. Culture, Environment and Adaptation in the North. Routledge.

Wenn, Camilla Cecilie, Sven Ahrens & Johann Rasmus Brandt (2017). Romans, Christians, and pilgrims at Hierapolis in Phrygia. I: J. R. Brandt, E. Hagelberg, G. Bjørnstad and S. Ahrens (eds.), Changes in funerary practices and mental processes. Life and death in Asia minor in Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine times. Studies in archaeology and bioarchaeology 10, pp. 196-216. Oxbow: Oxford.

Wenn, Camilla Cecilie; Bortheim, Kjetil; Cappelletto, Erika; Indgjerd, Hallvard Rübner & Kiesewetter, Henrike (2015). To the bottom – Final excavations in area B of the East Necropolis (Hierapolis, Turkey). Nicolay: Arkeologisk tidsskrift.  ISSN 0332-8937.  126, s 21- 27

Wenn, Camilla Cecilie; Bortheim, Kjetil; Cappelletto, Erika; Hill, David; Kiesewetter, Henrike; Russ, Helene; Selsvold, Irene Ringheim & Wong, Megan (2014). Hierapolis 2013 – revisiting old finds and procuring some new ones. Nicolay: Arkeologisk tidsskrift.  ISSN 0332-8937.  (123), s 78- 85

Ahrens, Sven; Bjørnstad, Gro; Wenn, Camilla Cecilie; Bortheim, Kjetil; Russ, Helene & Kiesewetter, Henrike (2013). Hierapolis 2012 - excavations and analyses. Nicolay: Arkeologisk tidsskrift.  ISSN 0332-8937.  120, s 13- 22

Solli, Linn; Selsvold, Irene & Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2012). Surveys and Saints – Hierapolis 2011. Nicolay: Arkeologisk tidsskrift.  ISSN 0332-8937.  (117), s 13- 22

Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2012). Dark Coarse Ware, In Leena Pietilä-Castrén (ed.),  Excavations at Ficana : IV - the republican and imperial periods ; the excavation of Zona 6B.  Institutum Romanum Finlandiae.  ISBN 952-5323-11-0.  Kap..  s 80 - 105

Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2012). Supplementary observations of the Dark Coarse Wares, In Leena Pietilä-Castrén (ed.),  Excavations at Ficana : IV - the republican and imperial periods ; the excavation of Zona 6B.  Institutum Romanum Finlandiae.  ISBN 952-5323-11-0.  Appendix.  s 106 - 125

Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2011). A Necropolis through the Centuries - Roman and Byzantine Tombs in the East Necropolis of Hierapolis, Turkey. Nicolay: Arkeologisk tidsskrift.  ISSN 0332-8937.  (114), s 13- 20

Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2010). The dolia and other large vessels, In Mette Moltesen & Birte Poulsen (ed.),  A Roman villa by Lake nemi, The finds. The Nordic excavations by Lake Nemi (1998-2002).  Edizioni Quasar.  ISBN 9788871404356.  Kapittel.  s 293 - 300

Wenn, Camilla Cecilie; Sund, Eva Marie & Bortheim, Kjetil (2010). Excavating a reused tomb – challenges and methods. Tomb 42, East Necropolis of Hierapolis, Turkey. Nicolay: Arkeologisk tidsskrift.  ISSN 0332-8937.  (111), s 19- 26

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  • Iddeng, Jon Wikene & Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (red.) (2011). Antikkleksikon. Aschehoug & Co.  ISBN 978-82-03-19309-5.  321 s.

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  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2019). Setesdal og vikingane.
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie; Mjærum, Axel & McGraw, Jessica Leigh (2019). Jernproduksjon i Øyer i vikingtid og middelalder. Show summary
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2018). Arkeologiske utgravninger: Blaker kirkegård og vannledning Foss nordre.
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2018). Blaker kirkegård - ikke helt Dilling.
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2018). Boligjakten.
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2018). Et glimt inn i fortidig gravskikk på Blaker.
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2018). Filling and emptying the grave: A case study from Hierapolis. Show summary
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2018). På jakt etter jernalderens Blaker.
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2017). Langeidsverdet, Setesdal og nye blikk på vikingtiden på Agder. Show summary
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2017). On the brink of a new era: Vikings, Christians and Christian Vikings - old traditions and new faith?. Show summary
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2017). Perler og stas fra vikingtid (blogginnlegg NORARK 23.5.2017).
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2017). Sverdet fra Langeid og vikingtid i Setesdal: Nyere utgravinger i Valle og Bygland.
  • Glørstad, Ann Zanette Tsigaridas; Loftsgarden, Kjetil & Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2016). Langeid, Setesdal, Southern Norway. – Grave goods from Langeid and other late Viking Age graves from the upper valley of Setesdal and trade as a vital source of wealth and power.
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2016). Den som graver (i) en grav for andre… (blogginnlegg NORARK 12.9.2016).
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  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2016). The Langeid cemetery - Landscape, life and afterlife. Innlegg på sesjonen Charting the Otherworlds - Cemeteries as Cult Sites.. Show summary
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie & Holen, Ørnulf (2016, 06. juli). Et sjeldent funn i Telemark.  Telemarksavisa.
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  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2013). Bosetning med utsikt på Holen (blogginnlegg NORARK 6.6.2013).
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2013). Dead and gone? A discussion on the physical afterlife of the dead and their belongings.
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2013). Rasmus. Rasmus? Rasmus!. Show summary
  • Wenn, Camilla Cecilie (2012). On Roman Tombs and Byzantine Reuse, and more. Grave opening, grave manipulation, the in-betweens and the afterwards'.
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