Can you guess the weight?

We are weighing the world's best preserved viking ship. Can you guess the weight? The competition is closed, and the winner is Carl Olav Staff.

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The competition

In a couple of years, the Oseberg ship is moving into the new Viking Age Museum. As part of the preparations for its final trip, the world's most beautiful Viking ship is going to be weighed this winter.

How much do you think it weighs? (Form is closed) We are looking for the boat's total weight, including all the items on board.

The first prize is a handmade wooden model of the Oseberg ship. Two runners up will each win a woollen blanket with a Viking ship motif.

The ten closest answers will each win a 12-month free pass to the Viking Ship Museum and the Historical Museum.

The competition closes 29th January 2018. at 12

The price

The Grand prize is a handmade model of the Osebergship.

Some clues

  • The ship is 21.5 metres long and 5 metres wide.
  • The sides of the ship consist of 12 oak strakes, most of which are 2-3 cm thick.
  • On board the boat are 30 oars, a gangplank and an old barrel.
  • Approximately 90 per cent of the ship is original timber; the rest has been reconstructed using new timber.

Fun facts

  • The Oseberg ship was used to bury two important Viking women in 834.
  • It is the only surviving Viking ship with a dragon head.
  • A number of ornamental objects, tools and food items were also found on board the ship.
  • The grave was so well preserved that the apples still had red skin when they were excavated in 1904.
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