Vegard Vike

Head Engineer - Conservation
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Mobile phone +47-95821322
Visiting address Kabelgata 34 Økern næringspark 0580 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 6762 St. Olavs plass 0130 Oslo

Work tasks

My work consists of conservation of archaeological objects, mainly metals and wet organic finds. Many of these are iron objects from pre-christian graves, especially from the viking age. Large amounts of leather and wooden objects from medieval towns are also treated. In addition to treatment of archaeological finds there is work related to exhibitions, preventive conservation and revision of stored collections.

Academic interests

Conservation of archaeological iron. X-ray examination, metallographic analysis and experimental archaeology as methods for analysing old craftsmanship. The use of archeological finds as a source for crafting leather and metals, especially shoemaking and the forging of viking age weapons and tools.

  • Viking age weapons, what they looked like, how they where made and used, and how they changed during the course of the viking age. Typological systematization and overviews. 'Vikings at War', book published in norwegian 2011, translated into english 2016 (facebook).
Dekorasjonen på vikingtidens spydtyper.
  • Metallographic analysis of mail armour. Brynjevev (norwegian), Ring weave (english, translation by Nybjörn Gustafsson), semester thesis of 2000 (Bibsys).

Nærbilde av brynjerustning funnet i våpengrav fra Gjermundbu.


  • Major subject (storfag) in Object Conservation at the Conservation Studies, University of Oslo (1998-2001).
  • Grunnfag and mellomfag in Nordic Archaeology at the University of Bergen (1996-1997).

Photos and x-rays


The Viking Axe from Langeid recreated
- in March 2016, the Langeid Broadaxe was recreated using the forging techniques that were on hand at the time of the Vikings. The replica was produced from scratch, from bog iron blooms.


From bog iron to broadaxe - rebirth of the Langeid axe
- video showing the process of recreating the broadaxe from Langeid.

Unmasking the hilt
- the precious metal decoration on the hilt of the Langeid sword was obscured by a crust of iron corrosion. This cover was carefully removed by micro-chiselling under a stereo microscope.

Weapons and tools of the Viking Age - Museum of Cultural History
  • a-viking-sword-from-lesja-fig1 A Viking sword from Lesja Oct. 1, 2017 6:09 PM

    Far into the mountains of Oppland in Norway a sword from the Viking Age was stumbled upon by reindeer hunters during the fall of 2017. This sword has now arrived for conservation at the Museum of Cultural History.

  • the-ornate-sword-from-langeid-1_740px_c58882_3_langeid The ornate sword from Langeid Sep. 21, 2017 2:57 PM

    Mystical signs inlaid with gold bedeck the magnificent hilt of the Langeid sword – a Viking weapon infused with Christian symbolism and laid in a pre-Christian grave while the new faith was conquering the last regions of Norway.

  • the-langeid-broadaxe-1_740px_cf34533_782_mod The Langeid broadaxe Feb. 21, 2017 3:44 PM

    In the latter part of the Viking Age, a type of axe intended for use only in battle was developed. Streamlined and elegant, but at the same time a powerful lethal weapon. The broadaxe was a weapon to rival the sword as the foremost symbol of a warrior.

  • 3d-grav-8-740 Langeid grave 8 June 28, 2016 10:48 AM

    In 2011 a pre-Christian burial ground from the latter part of the Viking Age was discovered during archaeological excavations at Langeid in the valley of Setesdal. This proved to contain several dozen flat graves. Grave 8 was the most remarkable.

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Tags: Conservation, Understanding of Objects, Reconstruction, Viking Age, Middle Ages


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