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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Fabrizio Andriulo Andriulo, Fabrizio Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22859512
Picture of Louis Boumans Boumans, Louis Project Manager +47 22859425 Project management, H2020
Picture of Susan Braovac Braovac, Susan Conservator 22 85 93 40
Picture of Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty Chepstow-Lusty, Lill-Ann Head Engineer +4790681660 Documentation, Photograph
Picture of Nicoló Dell'Unto Dell'Unto, Nicoló Associate Professor Archaeology archaeology, digital archaeology, archaeological theory and Methods, Landscape archaeology, 3D GIS, Virtual environments
Devarajah, Rameshan Head Engineer +47 22851920 +47 95803334
Picture of Pia Kristina Edqvist Edqvist, Pia Kristina Head Engineer +47 90138361 Conservation, Archaeological conservation, Cultural heritage, Material technology, Material analysis, Ethics, Sustainability, Nature/Culture
Picture of Ann Christine Eek Eek, Ann Christine +47 22859979 Documentation, Photograph
Flatval, Ingrid Louise Section Manager +4793432836
Halvorsen, Anne Britt Adviser +47 22859804 +4795081014
Hansen, Birgit Wilster Head Engineer +47 22851934 +47 48423512
Picture of Stephen Ernest Harding Harding, Stephen Ernest Professor II
Picture of David Hauer Hauer, David Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22135299 +47 91182856
Picture of Kirsten Jensen Helgeland Helgeland, Kirsten Jensen Head Engineer +4741508006 41508006
Picture of Guro Hjulstad Hjulstad, Guro Head Engineer +47 22859578
Picture of Ellen C. Holte Holte, Ellen C. Head Engineer Documentation, Photograph
Picture of Anne Karin Håbu Håbu, Anne Karin Head Engineer +47 22859909 +4792269481
Kimball, Justin Head Engineer +47 22851910
Picture of Kaja Kollandsrud Kollandsrud, Kaja Associate Professor +47 22859564 400 43 923 Conservation, Medieval Studies, Art technology, Medieval science, Visual culture, Material culture, Polychromy, Reconstruction
Kristensen, Steinar Senior Engineer +47 22859676 +47 90178298 GIS, Archaeology, Field documentation, Intrasis, RPAS, Drones, Iron Age, Board game, Photogrammetry, RTI, Databases, MUSIT
Picture of Hartmut Kutzke Kutzke, Hartmut Associate Professor +47 22859477 +4797985024
Picture of Arul Narendran Narendran, Arul Senior Engineer +47 22851921 +47 99644080 +4799644080 Local IT support
Nilsson, Anders Helseth Head Engineer +47 22859502
Pakholok, Maria Senior Executive Officer
Pandey, Karianne Labråten Higher Executive Officer +47 22859333