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Phone +47 22859956
Mobile phone +4798649563
Visiting address Frederiks gate 2 0164 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 6762 St. Olavs plass 0130 Oslo

Professional interests

My primary interest is in the role of Diversity Curator and thereby safeguard the museum's function as dialogue arena and to work for the inclusion of and cooperation with the public in conducting events and outreach projects. I also have extensive experience with and interest in the exhibition production and development of outreach and educational programs. Contact with students, pupils and teachers are also important sources of inspiration in the professional work.

Project management and coordination of exhibition projects are other interests and areas of expertise, and I'm the coordinator of the Communication Group.

Through many years as a board member and secretary board of Norwegian ICOM and presently Board member of ICME, Committee for ethnographic museums, I have broad experience from international museum work.

Anthropology and ethnographic collections and interdisciplinary museum communication are signifiers of my interests. Project: Congo gaze – people, encounters and artifacts is a collaboration project between the museum and the Congolese population in Oslo and Norway, through activating the museum's ethnographic collection a meeting place is established where new knowledge and other stories are generated.

I am concerned about the museum's role in society and what the museum should be in the future.

"It`s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards." Lewis Carroll



  • Cand.Polit in Social Anthropology from the University of Oslo, 1997


          Board member of ICME/ICOM - International Committee of Ethnographic Museums

          Member of the reference group for new exhibitions in the 22. of July visitor centre

  • Member of the editorial board of the Norwgian publication: Museumsnytt

    Representative in the national museum network: Diversity Museums


    Cooperating otherwise with external organizations about event management in the museum: APP - Action Paix a Pain, The Norwegian Roma association, Romani Cultura,

    Cooperation with the Somali Welfare Association Baatalale, and the the cultural group: Magical Mexico.

Tags: Exhibitions, Museology, Museum Pedagogy, Project management


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  • Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen (2018). 11 imagens do povo Sami - exibindo a diversidade indígena, experiências de cooperação e produção de conhecimento compartilhado no contexto do Museu de História Cultural, Oslo / Noruega.
  • Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen (2018). Congo Gaze - People, Encounters and Artifacts Radical trust - an unrealistic ideal or conceivable practice?. Show summary
  • Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen (2018). Tone Cecilie Simensen Karlgård, Escaping King Leopold’s Ghost – Shifting Positions and Shared Knowledge Production.
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  • Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen & Pareli, Leif (2014). Provocation and Cooperation: Testing Innovation in a New Exhibition.
  • Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen (2012). The Museum as arena for celebrations – “epitomizing the ambiguous reality of ‘cultural’ difference” - while exercising letting go of control?(Title inspired by James Clifford).
  • Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen (2011). Adornment Outside and In - smykker fra Sentral- og Øst-Afrika. Show summary
  • Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen (2011). En flytende verden - den gang og nå? Japanske tresnitt fra midten av 1600 tallet og til i dag. Show summary
  • Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen (2011). “Every day is party” celebrations - tools for tearing down boundaries?. Show summary
  • Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen (2011). Hver dag er en fest - museet som arena for nasjonaldager og feiringer.
  • Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen (2011). Typical Souvernirs? Originals or copies? How do we know?.
  • Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen & Mykleby, Axel (2011). Methods of Public Communication.
  • Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen (2009). Mim - A Way to do Diversity in Norway.
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