Museum of Cultural History – a museum that is clearly present

The vision of the Museum of Cultural History is to be a museum that is clearly present by virtue of knowledge, vision and values.

The Museum of Cultural History is Norway's leading research museum within cultural history. As part of the University of Oslo, the museum develops and disseminates knowledge at a high international level.

The research-intensive profile that the museum has developed over the last decade has brought the Museum of Cultural History closer to the university and to a greater extent into institutionalised, international collaboration. In the next ten-year period, the museum will build on this by:

  • Rethinking and further developing the connection between the university and museum
  • Turning to the world and intensify collaboration and sharing of knowledge and experiences
  • Strengthening collaboration and participation across departments and academic communities.

The Museum of Cultural History will renew its thinking around the museum and university by gathering outstanding scholars and scholarships as a basis for science and social responsibility. The museum will concentrate its strategic commitment through:

Through these three strategic areas, the museum will implement the university's strategy towards 2030 and realise itself as a research museum of the 21st century. The museum must show the social relevance of cultural history where history and cultural diversity put our society and our time in perspective.

The employees are the museum's most important resource. It is a goal for the museum that there should be a correlation between personal ambitions and institutional goals. The Museum of Cultural History will further develop the museum as an attractive and inclusive workplace, and facilitate relevant competence and career development. The museum will facilitate equal treatment and that everyone can conduct their work in a safe and good working environment.

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Published May 28, 2022 4:36 PM - Last modified May 29, 2022 1:05 PM