About SciCult-KHM

SciCult-KHM – Science for Cultural Heritage KHM – is a heritage science laboratory managed by the Department of Collection Management at the Museum of Cultural History (KHM), University of Oslo.

Researchers connected to SciCult-KHM work with various applications of natural science to cultural heritage; our working field lays at the intersection of humanities and natural sciences (heritage science). Research covers analyses of materials used on artworks and archaeological objects, studying historical manufacturing techniques, development and testing of conserva-tion materials and methods. 

SciCult-KHM is a well-equipped laboratory, consisting of a wet chemistry laboratory and a range of analytical instruments. SciCult-KHM is involved in collaboration within KHM as well as externally. 

We offer

  • Analyses, with or without support regarding interpretation of results
  • Consultancy in all questions relating to the application of natural sciences in humanities, conservation and museum environment, including help with analyses undertaken in other laboratories
  • Access to a larger international heritage science network 
  • Leadership / coordination of research projects and applications
  • Competence in research projects
  • Guidance of master and PhD students, mentoring of post-docs and visiting scientists
  • Participation in activities to communicate science and research to the public

Current and past research projects 

  • Saving Oseberg (2014-2020): The project investigated the most appropriate preservation strat-egies for alum-treated archaeological wooden objects from the Oseberg collection at the Mu-seum of Cultural History. Main tasks included chemical characterization of alum-treated wood and conservation materials, deacidification methods and strengthening methods for the wood.
  • JPICH-0163 (EU), StAr (2020-2023): Development of Storage and Assessment methods suited for organic Archaeological artefacts. The main focus is on archaeological wood, with a minor focus on archaeological leather.
  • JPI-JHEP (EU), ArCo (2015-2018): Ageing Study of Treated Composite Archaeological Water-logged Artefacts (ArCo). Investigation of archaeological wood containing iron or alum salts. Development of methods to remove the ions, neutralize the wood and preserve the objects.


Contact us: scicult.khm@khm.uio.no

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