Kjetil Loftsgarden

Associate Professor - Department of Archaeology
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My main area of expertise is the Late Iron Age – Early Middle Ages. My research focuses on iron and iron production, trade, meeting- and market places and networks, as well as the consequences of climatic and environmental changes in Iron Age Scandinavia and the effects on population numbers, settlement patterns, agricultural practices and social structures. I am a specialist in the use of large-scale archaeological data – to develop spatial and statistical analyses and models to broaden our understanding of the societal and socio-economic development.

I am currently part of the VIKINGS - project, funded by FRIPRO/Toppforsk, Norwegian Research Council. The scientific objectives of my research is to study the effects of climate variations on Scandinavian and Viking settlements 500-1250 CE. This includes the potential consequences for population numbers, settlement patterns, agricultural practices and social structures. VIKINGS is an interdisciplinary project and includes researchers from meteorology, volcanology, climate research, biology, and archeology. The project is led by Professor Kirstin Krüger (Dept. of Geosciences).

In 2017 I submitted and defended my doctoral thesis (PhD) at the Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion at the University of Bergen. In my thesis I argue that the inland marketplaces, as hubs in stable economic networks, were integral to the increase and eventual mass production of iron in the Norwegian Viking and Middle Ages. My research has provided new understandings of how the inland resources were integrated in the domestic and international economy.

Since 2016 I have been an editorial member, and from 2019 the chief editor, of the journal Viking (scientific level 1). I am also the editor-in-chief of the editorial board of the international book series, Viking elements.


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Open access publications available at: https://uio.academia.edu/KjetilLoftsgarden


Major Collaborations

  • VIKINGS – Volcanic Eruptions and their Impacts on Climate, Environment, and Viking Society in 500-1250 CE. (2018–2023). NFR TOPPFORSK funded interdisciplinary research project (grant 275191), with Kirstin Krüger (leader), UiO, Frode Iversen, UiO, Anne Hope Jahren, CEED, UiO, Henrik Svensen, CEED, UiO and Jostein Bakke, Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, UiB.
  • Metallurgical analysis, iron production and processing – Merovingian and Viking Age. With Per Ditlef Fredriksen, UiO and Shadreck Chirikure, University of Oxford
  • The beginning of iron production in Scandinavia. With Bernt Rundberget, NTNU, Jan Henning Larsen, UiO and Peter Hambro Mikkelsen, University of Aarhus
  • Contesting Marginality: The Boreal Forest of Inland Scandinavia and the Worlds Outside, AD – 1500 AD. With Karl-Johan Lindholm, Uppsala University, Eva Svensson, University of Karlstad, Andreas Hennius, Uppsala University and Erik Ersmark, Centre for Palaeogenetics, Stokcholm
  • Vikingtid og middelalder i Numedal. With Margrete Figenschou Simonsen, Hanne Lovise Aannestad, Marianne Vedeler, Svein H. Gullbekk and Kathrine Stene, Museum of Cultural History, UiO
  • Seasonal meeting places. With Morten Ramstad, UiB
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