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Centre for Viking-Age Studies (ViS)

The Centre for Viking-Age Studies (ViS) is working on a number of projects on the Viking Age, aiming to explore the extensive changes in the Scandinavian societies in the period AD 700-1100. Mobility, economics, technology, identity, ethnicity, demographics and centralisation are keywords of our research.

Scandinavia’s biggest gold treasure from the Viking Age was found in 1834 on the farm Hon in Øvre Eiker in Buskerud. It weighs over 2.5 kg and was buried in the last quarter of the 9th century. Photo: Museum of Cultural History, UiO / Eirik Irgens Johnsen.

An important goal is to activate the extensive and ever-increasing Viking-Age material from the excavations and collections of the Museum of Cultural History. We use a variety of interdisciplinary approaches, and natural science methodology is central to several of the projects. The research team is oriented towards international research communities and maintains and develops the research networks established in connection with the 2010-2012 CoE (Centres of Excellence) process. The research findings are disseminated to a wide audience.

ViS was founded in 2010, was a Centre of Excellence finalist in 2012, and has organised the conferences The Power of the Market (2013) and Viking Age Scandinavia: One, Three or Many? (2014). Current projects are:

  • Joint Project: Digitalisation of Amtskartene (historical county maps)
  • Joint Project: A new Viking museum. Planning and implementation of the research programme Why Vikings? (working title). The programme has a twofold aim: to provide the knowledge basis for exhibitions in the new Viking museum at Bygdøy, and to develop research practices to bridge the gap between research and the general public in different ways.
  • Conference: The 2015 ViS Conference Vikings: Beyond Borders, 2-4 December in Oslo.
  • Publication: Viking Age Transformations: Trade, Craft and Resources in western Scandinavia with written adaptations of talks given at the 2013 ViS Conference
  • Publication: Viking-Age Scandinavia: One, Three or Many? with written adaptations of talks given at the 2014 ViS Conference

Each member of the research team also works on a number of individual projects.

The research team has regular meetings for the development and exchange of knowledge and planning of further activity. The team strives to integrate new researchers into their work, e.g. in subprojects, conferences and publications. At the 2014 ViS Conference, grants were awarded to one recently graduated master student and one PhD to prepare conference papers.


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