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Room 203
Visiting address St. Olavs gate 29

Research interests

  • Runology - runes and runic inscriptions from the Iron Age through to the Middle Ages   
  • Forms of textual culture in the Viking Age and the Middle Ages
  • Writing, visuality, materiality
  • Identity studies
  • Historical media, mediality, multimodality
  • Artefacts - with foci on script-bearing artefacts 
  • Modern reception of Old Norse literature and culture



2005 PhD (doctor philosophiae) in Scandinavian Philology (specialization in runology and Old Norse philology). University of Tartu, Estonia

2000 Master (magister artium. cum laude) in Scandinavian Philology. University of Tartu, Estonia


2020 (May)... Professor of Runology and Iconography, Department of Archaeology, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

2019 (Sept 1) – 2020 (May) Associate Professor of Runology and Iconography, Department of Archaeology, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo (UiO), Norway

2018 (March 15) – 2019 (Sept 1) Professor of Textual Studies, Department of Language, Literature, Mathematics and Interpreting, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), Norway

2013 (Aug) – 2018 (March 15) Associate Professor of Norwegian Literature, Department of Language, Literature, Mathematics and Interpreting, HV

2008-2013   Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Medieval Studies (CMS), University of Bergen (UiB), Norway

2005-2008   Lecturer of Scandinavian Studies, Department of Scandinavian Studies, University of Tartu, Estonia

2002-2005   Assistant Lecturer (Norwegian Philology), Department of Scandinavian Studies, University of Tartu, Estonia

1997-2002  Teaching fellow of Norwegian, Section of Scandinavian Studies, University of Tartu, Estonia


Tags: Runology, Epigraphy, Textual Cultures, Old Norse philology, Iconography, Archaeological artefacts, Visual and material culture, Reception Studies


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  • Zilmer, Kristel (2012). Christianity in runes: Prayers in Scandinavian rune stone inscriptions from the Viking Age and the early Middle Ages. In Zilmer, Kristel & Jesch, Judith (Ed.), Epigraphic Literacy and Christian Identity. Modes of Written Discourse in the Newly Christian European North. Brepols. ISSN 978-2-503-54294-2. p. 99–135. doi: 10.1484/m.usml-eb.5.100474.
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  • Zilmer, Kristel & Jesch, Judith (2012). Epigraphic Literacy and Christian Identity. Modes of Written Discourse in the Newly Christian European North. Brepols. ISBN 978-2-503-54294-2. 273 p.

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