Ann Zanette Tsigaridas Glørstad

Associate Professor - Department of Archaeology
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Phone +47 22851971
Visiting address St. Olavs gate 29 0166 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 6762 St. Olavs plass 0130 Oslo
Other affiliations Department of Education (Student)

Zanette Tsigaridas Glørstad:  Associate Professor in Archaeology, Museum of Cultural History/University of Oslo (M.Phil in GIS and remote sensing/ Univ. of Cambridge 2001, PhD in Archaeology/Univ. of Oslo 2010). 

Specialising in Viking Age Scandinavia (750-1050 AD), focusing on cultural interaction, identity formations, burial rituals and the political ritualization of aesthetics and material culture.  I have conducted in-depth studies on penannular brooches and disc-on-bow brooches in Norway. My interests include current uses and narratives of the Viking Age.  

I have co-organised and administered a large number of archaeological excavations, among others the excavation of the runestone from Hogganvik in South-Norway (2010) and the Langeid Viking burial site (2011). I have been member of the editorial board for Primitive Tider (2001-2008), and Viking (2009-2011, together with chief-editor Professor Brit Solli), and have co-edited several books.  I am head of the ViS research group, June 2017- June 2019.

I am on research leave in 2019, and a visiting scholar at McDonald Institute/University of Cambridge, spring 2019.


Tags: Archeology, Viking Age, Early Medieval Studies, Burial studies, Dress, Cultural transmission, Aesthetics and society
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