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The Board

The Board is the chief governing body of the Museum of Cultural History.

The Board sets the overall objectives, priorities and strategies for the Museum’s activities, within the scope of current laws and regulations, rules and decisions made by the University Board.

Members of the Board at the Museum of Cultural 2020-2024:

Chair of the Board

Ellen Horn

External Board Representative

Bjørne Grimsrud
Substitute: Isa Trøim

Representatives for Permanent Academic Staff, University of Oslo

Christopher Prescott
Substitute: Berit Karseth

Representatives for Academic Staff at the Museum

Steinar Solheim
Inger Marie Berg-Hansen
1. substitute: Frode Iversen
2. substitute: Marianne Vedeler

Representatives for Technical/Administrative Staff at the Museum

Lucia Koxvold
Torgeir Winther
1. substitute: Silje Opdahl Mathisen
2. substitute: Øivind Gulliksen

Student Representatives

Øystein Fossbraaten
Dunia Zeinailzadeh

The election period for student representatives is one year.

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