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Vision and values

Inquiring, playful and challenging. The Museum of Cultural History conducts research on social anthropology, archaeology, conservation, documentation, numismatics, runologi and museology.

two children with flashlights looking at a mummy

Photo: Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty

  • We are curators of social memories and preserve traces of past lives. Collections are our capital and are an infinite source of knowledge.
  • We explore human diversity and existential mysteries in a playful and inclusive environment.
  • We cross academic boundaries and create new knowledge.
  • Our exhibitions challenge and involve visitors; we open our doors and invite visitors to engage in dialogue and participation.

The Museum of Cultural History’s core values


  • based on research and scientific knowledge 
  • focus on quality at all levels

Courage and creativity

  • to challenge the boundaries of research, presentation and collection management
  • to seek new perspectives and challenge established truths

Mutual recognition and respect

  • between colleagues
  • when meeting the public
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