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Visiting address Historical Museum Frederiks gate 2 1st Floor
Postal address Postboks 6762 St. Olavs plass 0130 Oslo

Money and coinage, political organization and the sociology of money have been central to my research. The starting point has been the Greek city-states (poleis), and on how the monetary system was anchored in political institutions and decision-making processes. The symbolic function of money, as an identity marker and political symbol, has also been addressed. Urbanization and the establishment, growth and decline of cities have also been a key research topic. Through fieldwork at several Mediterranean localities, the field of interest has expanded to also include Late Roman and Byzantine settlements. The connection between holy places and the use of money is another key research area, where comparative studies from early Greek city-states, Byzantine cities and Medieval Norwegian churches are key points.


Another area of ​​interest, and ex officio area of ​​responsibility, is international trade in illicit cultural objects. I co-operate with the police, customs, directorates and ministries, and participate in consular work on legislation, guidelines and handling routines for such cases, nationally and internationally. The network includes active participation in NGOs as ICOM and Blue Shield. 


Educational background

1984-1985 Social Sciences, Ex.Phil. and Phonetics and Linguistics, University of Tromsø

1989 Cand.Mag. (Ancient history, Greek, Latin, classical archeology and art history, UiO)

1994 Mag.Art. (Numismatics and Monetary History, UiO)

2002 Dr. philos. (Classical Archeology, UiO)


Work background

Head of Department, Department of Numismatics and Classical Archeology, UiO, 2017-2018

Head of Section, Section for Ethnography, Numismatics, Classical Archeology and University History, Museum of Cultural History, UiO, 2014-2016

Associate Professor, Museum of Cultural History, UiO, 2002 - d.d.

Senior Lecturer, Museum of Cultural History, UiO, 2001-2002

Norwegian Research Council/UiO, PhD-Fellow 1997-2001

Project Manager (exhibition), University Coin Cabinet, UiO, 1995-1996

Magazine Manager, University Coin Cabinet, UiO, 1994-1995

Deputy Head, University Coin Cabinet, UiO, 1992-1993

Research Assistant, Department of Archeology, Art History and Numismatics, UiO, 1990-1992

Journalist / photographer, A-pressen, 1983-1985


Fieldwork and visiting scholar

Pompeii, Italy 1987; Tegea, Greece 1994; Kos, Greece 1997, 1998, 2001; Metropolis, Turkey 2003-2007, 2009; Naxos, Greece 2010-2014

University of Oxford, Kraay Scholarship 1995


Teaching including topics as landscape and urbanity in antiquity, monetary history in antiquity and in Byzantine times, money and sacred places, social archeology, cultural crime, museum and heritage studies.


Commissions of trust

Board member, ICOM Nord

Board member, ICOM Norway

Board member, BLUE SHIELD Committee Norway

Committee Member, Committee on Coin Design, National Bank of Norway

Member of Letterstedska Föreningen, Norway Chapter

Delegate, Nordic Numismatic Union 

Member of Editorial Board, Nordic Numismatic Journal (NNÅ)

Tags: Archaeology, Numismatics, Heritage, Cultural Heritage Crime
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