Money and its use in the Middle Ages

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Bildet kan inneholde: bildekk, produkt, anlegg, gjøre, kant.

Forskergruppens overordnede formål er å formulere og undersøke nye problemstillinger for å forstå penger og synet på penger og oppfatninger av verdi, standarder og ritualer som involverer penger og verdi.


Murray Andrews has joined the research group as Associate Professor at The Coin Cabinet in the Museum of Cultural History from 12 October 2022. He will embark on a project studying the coinage of Eirik Magnusson, Duke Håkon and Håkon V, 1280-1319.

Upcomming workshop: International flows of bullion and coinage in the Middle Ages: new perspectives, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, Date to be decided.

New paperback edition will appear in January 2023: S.H. Gullbekk, C. Kilger, H. Roland and S. Kristensen, (eds.), Coins in Churches. Archaeology, Money and Religious Devotion in Medieval Northern Europe 

New anthology in production: Human Sacrifice and Value. Revisiting the Limits of Sacred Violence, edited by Matthew Walsh, Sean O’Neill, Marianne Moen, Svein H Gullbekk, Routledge [forthcoming, April 2023]

New anthology in production by De Gruyter: Medieval standardization in the North, edited by L.C. Engh, H.-J. Orning og S.H. Gullbekk, [Berlin: De Gruyter, forthcomming]. Forskergruppen:

Projects and ongoing activities

WP1: International flows of bullion and coinage in the Middle Ages: new perspectives

Festschrift article: Svein H. Gullbekk and Murray Andrews, ‘Was Norway rich or poor in the year 1000?’, in preparation

Congress paper: Murray Andrews, 'Finding the ‘missing pieces’: late medieval and Renaissance coin weights from England and Wales', International Numismatic Congress (INC), Warzaw 14 Sept 2022, Session 88: 'Exonumia 2: Coin Weights & Tokens', convenor: Charles Doyen.


WP2: Monetisation in medieval Northern Europe

Stipendiat Mika Boros' Phd-project: Monetisation at the frontiers of medieval Europe. The introduction of local coinage outside the borders of the Holy Roman Empire, Supervisors S.H. Gullbekk, Hans Jacob Orning and Mateusz Bogucki, from 1 September 2021.

Workshop, 16-17 March 2022, Oslo: And then there was coin - Beginnings of coinage in medieval Europe with empasis on Comparative perspectives on money and its use and monetization in Austria, Poland and Norway in the 11th and 12th century v/Mika Boros.

International Numismatic Congress (INC), Warzaw 16 Sept 2022, Organizer of session: Viking Age and Medieval Monetisation – Scandinavian and theoretical perspectives, S.H.Gullbekk, J.A.Risvaag, J.C.Moesgaard, N.M.Burström, F. Ehrensten, L.E. Ramberg, C.Kilger, M.Paulsen. G.Ingvardsen.

Mika Boros, 'Monetisation of Medieval Europe in Research History', International Numismatic Congress (INC), Warzaw 12 Sept 2022, Session 64: 'Monetisation in Medieval Europe. Forms, Processes and Tendencies from the 8th to the 13th Century', organizors: Rory Naismith and Johannes Hartner.

Stipendiat Mika Boros gjennomfører et studium der komparative metoder vil stå sentralt i analyser av den tidlige utviklingen av utmynting og myntbruk kommer til uttrykk i Østerriket, Polen og Norge.


WP3: Comparative studies of numismatics and monetary history

I prosjektet 'Symbolic Resources and Political Structures on the Periphery: Legitimization of the Elites in Poland and Norway, c. 1000-1300 <> ' samarbeider S.H.Gullbekk og M.Bogucki om bidraget "Language of Power through Coinage in 11th-12th century Poland and Norway", et komparativt studium.

Exhibition: Poland-Norway in the Middle Ages: Comparative perspectives, Museum of Cultural History, November 2023.


Religion and Money in the Middle Ages – Routledge series

The series explores the connections between two of the most dominant aspects of medieval society and culture: religion and money. Both are ubiquitous throughout the Middle Ages, and both are expressed through a wide variety of media, from the textual to the material. In this light, the series recognises the importance of multi-disciplinary perspectives, and welcomes joint as well as individual authorship and editorship.

Series editor: S.H. Gullbekk

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Avsluttete prosjekter

NFR FRIPRO: ‘Religion and Money: Economy of Salvation in the Middle Ages’ PI: S.H.Gullbekk (2013-2017) 

NFR FRIPRO: ‘Human Sacrifice and Values. The Limits of Sacred Violence’ PI Rane Willerslev and S.H. Gullbekk (2018-2022)


Emneord: Numismatikk, vikingtid, middelalder, mynt, penger pengehistorie, verdi, ritualer, transformasjon, statsutvikling, ikonografi, standardisering, komparative studier
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