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Keeper of Collections

Founder and Journal Manager

Exhibition Curating

Emotions in antiquity and ancient Egypt

Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. Collaboration with Snøhetta. Open 2020-2025.   

Egypt in Europe

Museum of Cultural History. From 2020.  


Ongoing Research Projects

Roman Portrait Studies

I am presently preparing two volumes on Roman portraits for the monograph series Monumenta Graeca et Roman, Brill: Faces Lost and Gained. The Personas of Reused of Roman Portraits, and Revealing the Face Behind. Identifying Roman Portrait Reuse Through Digital Technology. Contracts signed for both. I am also finalizing several journal articles on Roman sculpture in 2021. 


Roman South Dalmatia c 250 BC- AD 500

A two-volume work based on my PhD thesis which deals with the southern part of the Roman province Illyria, later Dalmatia, in a long term perspective. Vol. 1: Settlement, Communication and Trade; vol. 2: Art, Architecture and Religion. Individual project.




Tags: Ancient art, Classical archaeology, Classical art history, Roman sculpture, Roman portraits, Emotions, Marble, Dalmatia, the Ustinow Collection


  • Prusac-Lindhagen, Marina (2021). Reclaiming Illyria: The Notorious Usefulness of Archaeology to Communism and Nationalism Alike in Yugoslavia and After, In Gorana Ognjenovic & Jasna Jozelic (ed.),  Nationalism and the Politicization of History in the Former Yugoslavia..  Springer Nature.  ISBN 978-3-030-65832-8.  3.  s 43 - 72
  • Prusac Lindhagen, Marina (2020). Ehrenheim, Hedvig von & Marina Prusac-Lindhagen. Introduction, In Marina Prusac Lindhagen (ed.),  Ehrenheim, Hedvig von & Marina Prusac-Lindhagen (eds), Reading Roman Emotions: Visual and Textual Interpretations. ACTA INSTITUTI ROMANI REGNI SUECIAE, SERIES IN 4º, 64.  Skrifter utgivna av svenska institutet i Rom.  ISBN 978-91-7042-186-0.  Introduction.  s 9 - 18

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  • Ehrenheim, Hedvig von & Prusac-Lindhagen, Marina (ed.) (2020). Reading Roman emotions. Visual and textual interpretations. ECSI.  ISBN 9789170421860.  199 s.
  • Fuglerud, Øivind; Prusac-Lindhagen, Marina & Larsen, Kjersti (ed.) (2020). Negotiating Memory from the Romans to the Twenty-First Century. Damanatio Memoriae. Routledge.  ISBN 9780367549565.  288 s.
  • Prusac Lindhagen, Marina (ed.) (2020). Ehrenheim, Hedvig von & Marina Prusac-Lindhagen (eds), Reading Roman Emotions: Visual and Textual Interpretations. ACTA INSTITUTI ROMANI REGNI SUECIAE, SERIES IN 4º, 64. Skrifter utgivna av svenska institutet i Rom.  ISBN 978-91-7042-186-0.  205 s.
  • Prusac Lindhagen, Marina (ed.) (2020). Emotions in antiquity and ancient Egypt. Kulturhistorisk museum, Universitetet i Oslo.  ISBN 978-82-8084-207-7.  340 s.
  • Prusac Lindhagen, Marina (red.) (2020). Følelser i antikken og det gamle Egypt. Kulturhistorisk Museum.  ISBN 978–82–8084–206–0.  340 s.

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  • Prusac-Lindhagen, Marina (2021, 17. april). Lørdagsliv. Tema: Show. Bidrag om underholdning i antikken, spes. gladiatorkamper.. [Radio].  NRK P1.
  • Prusac-Lindhagen, Marina (2021, 27. mars). Lørdagsliv: Palmelørdag med Kari Slaatsveen. [Radio].  NRK P1.
  • Prusac-Lindhagen, Marina (2021, 22. mars). Mona og den antikke kunsten: Pompeii. [Radio].  NRK P2 Studio 2.

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