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Grunnlegger og sjefsredaktør

CLARA Classical Art and Archaeology

Pågående kuratering av utstillinger

Den nye Antikk- og Egypt-utstillingen

Kulturhistorisk museum. Samarbeid med Snøhetta. Åpning februar 2020.   

Ostia: En romersk kosmopol. Integrasjon, Segregering og Migrasjon i antikken

Sammen med det Finlands akademi-finansierte prosjektet Segregated or Integrated – Living and Dying in the Harbour City of Ostia 300 BC – AD 700 and Vapriikki Museum, Tampere. Åpning desember 2020.

Pågående forskningsprosjekter

FAKE USE The History of Appropriation and Recontextualisation of Classical Imagery

(ERC Consolidator grant application 2019)

pXRF as a Non-Invasive Method of Establishing Provenance of Ancient Marble

Together with Dag Kristian Dysthe, Professor, Physics of Geological Processes, The Njord Centre, Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway; Øyvind Hammer, Professor, Museum of Natural History, University of Oslo, Norway; Adam Lindhagen, Researcher, earlier Postdoc at the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Stockholm University.

Polychromy and Many Shades of White: Visual, Material and Sensual Communication from Antiquity to Middle Ages

Together with Kaja Kollandsrud, Senior Conservator, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, and Joshua Harvey, DPhil candidate, Department of Engineering Science, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH), University of Oxford.

Roman South Dalmatia c 250 BC- AD 500

A two-volume work based on my PhD thesis which will deal with the southern part of the Roman province Illyria, later Dalmatia, in a long term perspective. Vol. 1: Settlement, Communication and Trade; vol. 2: Art, Architecture and Religion. Individual project.

Kommende publikasjoner

Med signerte kontrakter/avtaler


Om Antikken. En essaysamling, Vidarforlaget 2019.

Faces Lost and Gained. The Personas of Reused of Roman Portraits, Monumenta Graeca et Roman, Brill (planned publication 2020).

Revealing the Face Behind. Identifying Roman Portrait Reuse Through Digital Technology, Monumenta Graeca et Roman, Brill (planned publication 2021).

Medredaktør antologier

Fuglerud, Ø., Larsen, K. & M. Prusac-Lindhagen (eds), Negotiating Memory from the Romans to the Twenty-First Century: Damnatio Memoriae. Routledge Studies in Cultural History. Routledge. My chapter: ‘Erasure of Memories at Palmyra. ISIS Image Formation at the Cost of Ancient Cultural Heritage’ (2019).

Ehrenheim, H. v. & M. Prusac-Lindhagen (eds), Reading Roman Emotions: Visual and Textual Interpretations, Acta Instituti Romani Regni Sueciae, Rome. My chapter: ‘Through the Looking Glass: Emotion History Compared to Psycho-Iconography in Roman Portrait Studies’ (2019).

Dillon, S. & M.Prusac-Lindhagen (eds), The True Face. Between Verism and Realism in Greek and Roman Portraiture, Papers and Monographs from the Norwegian Institute at Athens, Athens. My chapter: ‘Cleopatra VII Philopator and Portraiture  - character images or deities? Re-reading Gisela Richter’s ‘The Origin of Verism in Roman Portraits’, JRS 45 Part 1 and 2, 1955, 39-46’ (2019).


Prusac-Lindhagen, M. The Portraiture. In Christie, N., Jensen, R., Magness, J. & L. Rutgers (eds), Cambridge Archaeology of Late Antiquity, Cambridge University Press.

Emneord: Antikkens kunsthistorie, klassisk arkeologi, antikkens kunst, antikk skulptur, romersk skulptur, romerske portretter, senantikken, Dalmatia, Ustinow-Collection


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  • Prusac Lindhagen, Marina (2016). I ritratti del V e del VI secolo, I: Maria Andaloro; Guiseppe Morganti & Giulia Bordi (red.),  Santa Maria Antiqua tra Roma e Bizanzio.  Electa.  ISBN 9788891807762.  Sezione 1, Cap. 2.  s 160 - 179

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  • Prusac Lindhagen, Marina (2018). Skal Athen-instituttet dømmes til døden?. Klassekampen.  ISSN 0805-3839.  s 20- 20
  • Prusac Lindhagen, Marina (2017). Hadrians Elysium. Vinduet.  ISSN 0042-6288.  2, s 106- 125
  • Prusac Lindhagen, Marina (2017). Muren langs rikets grense. Klassekampen.  ISSN 0805-3839.  s 10- 11
  • Kollandsrud, Kaja & Prusac Lindhagen, Marina (2016). Skal Nasjonalgalleriet være statisk eller dynamisk?. Aftenposten (morgenutg. : trykt utg.).  ISSN 0804-3116.
  • Prusac Lindhagen, Marina (2016). Bak en stor mann.... Klassekampen.  ISSN 0805-3839.  s 10- 11
  • Prusac Lindhagen, Marina (2016). Den provoserende bikinien. Klassekampen.  ISSN 0805-3839.  s 10- 11

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