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The Museum Archives

The archives at the Museum of Cultural History is responsible for several collections in addition to the day-to-day archival management, such as historical and subject specific archives. We offer guidance and viewings for researchers, scholars, students, historical societies, Public governmental agencies, the press and the general public.

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Topographical Archive

The Topographical Archive Collection consists of original documentation from archaeological excavations and artefacts, as well as cultural heritage case management documentation. This archive collection is organized through a numeric key based on county, municipality, farm number and/or name.

Ethnographical Archive

The Ethnographical Archive consists of documentation from the collection of ethnographical artefacts, letters, correspondence and diaries from anthropological journeys. The archive also contains journals on correspondence and catalogues over the ethnographical collections.

Coin Cabinet Archive

The Coin Cabinet Archive consists of documentation, correspondence and catalogues of the numismatic collection.

Runic Archive

The Runic Archive consists of documentation and research collections on runic artefacts from our cultural heritage management districts. At present, the management of the Runic Archive also entails bibliography on runes.

Photo Archive

The Photo Archive Collection holds more than 500.000 pictures, mainly of the museum artefact collections. The archive also consists of photos from cultural heritage sites, archaeological excavations and ethnographical field work, as well as photographical collections from Roald Amundsen and Carl Lumholtz, among others. The University Museums Photo Portal is available for online search.

Medieval Archive

The Medieval Archive is topographically arranged by a numeric key and contains cultural heritage case management documentation, and collection documentation, photo cards and correspondence, mainly related to town and church floor excavations, as well as documentation related to building elements and ecclesiastical art.

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Memory of the world - Norway

Documents from the Museum Archives are enrolled in Memory of the World - Norway

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