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Loan of objects

The Museum of Cultural History (MCH) loans objects on the following conditions: that they will not be harmed; that the MCH is not using them for research or exhibition purposes at the time of the requested loan; and that the MCH has resources available for the project.

Objects will not be lent out for commercial purposes or other activities that conflict with the ethical principles of the museum. All loans are time limited, but the borrower  may apply for an extended loan. The MCH exercises the right to reject applications on the basis of these conditions.

Applications for loans must arrive the museum no later than 8 months before the exhibition opening.

Loan applicants are directed to the General rules and conditions for loan and the Application form:


Applications for loans will be processed four times a year.

Application deadlines

  • Application deadlines autumn: 1 September and 1 November
  • Application deadlines spring: 1 February and 1 April

Important message

NB! The archaeological collections are moving to new store rooms during 2019-2022. In this period the bulk share of these collections will be less accessible.

Contact about access to material

For information about access to the archaeological material, please Contact Head Engineer Hanne Lovise Aannestad.

For information about access to material in Classical and Egyptian Collections, The Ethnographic Collection, Coin Collection and The University History Collections, please contact Department of Ethnography, Numismatics, Classical Archaeology and University History, send an e-mail to

Contact regarding loans

Kindly direct any other question regarding loans to coordinator Jes Martens.

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