Seminar og Workshop: Decolonising Human Sacrifice

Narratives of human sacrifice are fraught with colonial heritage in multiple ways, from the ways in which accusations of human sacrifice and cannibalism was used as a legitimating tool by colonialist powers to the Eurocentric frameworks of knowledge production which upholds traditional assumed meanings of acts interpreted as sacrifice. The workshop seeks to approach this complex topic from varied viewpoints and materials, to create an environment for open discussion about how we can decolonise the study of multifaceted forms of sanctioned violence and expressions thereof. We will discuss the influence of political and strategic desires to Other those to whom such practices were ascribed, and the residual effects of colonialist frameworks on current knowledge, along with other angles and questions.

We invite interested participants to attend the workshop for discussion and reflection. The two seminars bookending the workshop are open to all, and are advertised as separate events. 

Thursday 10th March

14:15-16:00    Dr Elizabeth Graham, UCL,

                        Killing people for gods…… the pastime of the Ancients?


Friday 11th March

09:00               Marianne Moen and the Human Sacrifice and Value project

                        Welcome and coffee

09:30               Melanie Giles

Decolonising Decapitation: rethinking the bog ‘head’ of Worsley Man, from Astley Moss

10:00               Casper Jacobsen

Aztec True Crime? Missionary Manuscripts and the Making of a Human Sacrificer

10:30               Manuel May Castillo

Deconstructing a proof of human sacrifice in the Maya region

11:00               Coffee break and discussion

11:15               Matthew Walsh

Coming to terms with ‘human sacrifice.’ Context matters.

11:45               Marianne Moen

Killing the weak? The role of gender in narratives of sacrifice

12:15               Lunch and break

14:15               Melanie Giles

                        Grave Goods – objects and death in later prehistoric Britain

                        Friday seminar at Blindernveien 11,


Marianne Moen
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