Money and the Church in Medieval Europe, 1000-1200. Practice, Morality and Thought

Edited by Giles E. M. Gasper, Durham University, UK and Svein H. Gullbekk, UiO: Kulturhistorisk Museum, Norway

Bringing together essays from experts in a variety of disciplines, this collection focuses on the interaction between money and the church in northern Europe in order to challenge current understanding of how money was perceived, understood and used by medieval clergy in a range of contexts. It provides wide-ranging contributions to the broader economic and ethical issues of the period, demonstrating how the church became a major force in the process of monetization.


Prefatory remarks;
Introduction: Money and the Church: definitions, disciplines and directions, Giles E. M. Gasper.

Part I Attitudes to Money within the Church:

Turpe lucrum? Wealth, moneyand coinage in the Millennial Church, Rory Naismith;
Contemplatingmoney and wealth in monastic writing c.1060–c.1160,
Giles E. M. Gasper;
Nummus falsus: the perception of counterfeit money in the 11th and early 12th century, Greti Dinkova-Bruun;
A herald of scholasticism: Alan of Lille on economic virtues, Odd Langholm.

Part II Buying, Selling and Building: The Use of Money by the Church:

Financing cathedral-building in the Middle Ages: the 11th to 13th centuries, Wim Vroom;
The Church andmoney in 12th century England, James L. Bolton; The Church and
monetization in early medieval Denmark, c. 1060–1160,Bjørn Poulsen;
The Church, markets and money in early medieval England, S. J. and N. J. Mayhew.

Part III Money and Power: Coinage, Salvation and Ritual:

From HEINRICVS REX to ROTHARDVS ABBAS – monastic coinage under the Ottonians and Salians (c. 911–1125),
Sebastian Steinbach;
Saints, dukes and bishops: coinage in ducalNormandy, c. 930–c. 1150, Jens Christian Moesgaard;
Saints, sinners and … a cow: offerings, alms and tokens of memory, Lucia Travaini;
The Church and money in Norway c. 1050–1250: salvation and monetisation, Svein H. Gullbekk.

About the editors: Giles E.M. Gasper is a Senior Lecturer in Medieval
History within the Department of History at Durham University, UK.
Professor Svein H. Gullbekk is Professor in Numismatics and History
of Money at the Department of Ethnography, Numismatics and
Classical Archaeology at the Museum of Cultural History, University of
Oslo, Norway.

June 2015 320 pages
Hardback 978-1-4724-2099-2

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