Bildet kan inneholde: kunst, tekstil, historie, maleri, mural.

De unike billedvevene fra Oseberg gir oss et glimt av vikingtidens verdensbilde som ikke finnes andre steder.


Professor i sosialantropologi Øivind Fuglerud, kommer med ny bok om fredsprosessen på Sri Lanka fra 2000 til 2009. 

Forsiden til Movement and Connectivity

Gjennom en serie studier fra Sør- og Øst-Afrika, Oseania og Europa, utforsker bokas forfattere begrepet "mobilitet" i antropologisk tenkning og teori. 

Kjersti Larsen, professor ved Kulturhistorisk museum, er medredaktør sammen med Jan Ketil Simonsen og Ada I. Engebrigtsen.

bokas forside

Boka drøfter erfaringer fra arbeidet med inkludering og kulturelt mangfold ved norske museer. Tone Cecilie Simensen Karlgård, universitetslektor ved Kulturhistorisk museum, har bidratt med kapittelet "Et sted å være rom sammen" om museenes samarbeid med norske rom. 

Redaktører: Anders Bettum, Kaisa Maliniemi og Thomas Michael Walle. 

Flytteprosesser, rasisme og globalisering. 2. utgave.

Migrasjonsforståelse er et oversiktsverk om migrasjon som forskningstema. Boken presenterer og diskuterer sentrale temaer innenfor migrasjonsforskningen, med spesielt fokus på økonomiske, sosiale og kulturelle problemstillinger. Fuglerud legger vekt på at fenomenet migrasjon ikke er noe nytt, og at de historiske linjene er viktige for å forstå forskningsfeltet.

Ved redaktør Ingar M. Gundersen

Faksimile av bokens forside

Denne boken diskuterer migrasjon, kolonisering og kulturell integrasjon fra istiden og frem til i dag.

By Tereza Kuldova

This unique ethnographic investigation examines the role that fashion plays in the production of the contemporary Indian luxury aesthetic.Tracking luxury Indian fashion from its production in village craft workshops via upmarket design studios to fashion soirées, Kuldova investigates the Indian luxury fashion market's dependence on the production of thousands of artisans all over India, revealing a complex system of hierarchies and exploitation.

Edited by Giles E. M. Gasper, Durham University, UK and Svein H. Gullbekk, UiO: Kulturhistorisk Museum, Norway

Bringing together essays from experts in a variety of disciplines, this collection focuses on the interaction between money and the church in northern Europe in order to challenge current understanding of how money was perceived, understood and used by medieval clergy in a range of contexts. It provides wide-ranging contributions to the broader economic and ethical issues of the period, demonstrating how the church became a major force in the process of monetization.

Noëlle L.W. Streeton, Kaja Kollandsrud (eds)

These collected essays on medieval painting and polychrome sculpture draw on a spectrum of vantage points and methodologies for studying the phenomena of painting over c.450 years. The papers are based on discussions held in Oslo in 2010 on topics related to medieval objects in Scandinavian collections.

Øivind Fuglerud and Leon Wainwright (eds).

Despite the wide interest in material culture, art, and aesthetics, few studies have considered them in light of the importance of the social imagination - the complex ways in which we conceptualize our social surroundings.

Edited by J. Rasmus Brandt, Marina Prusac and Håkon Roland Oxford and Philadelphia: Oxbow Books 2015. ISBN 978-1-78297-639-4

The forms by which a deceased person may be brought to rest are as many as there are causes of death. In most societies the disposal of the corpse is accompanied by some form of celebration or ritual which may range from a simple act of deportment in solitude to the engagement of large masses of people in laborious and creative festivities. 

The analysis of silk is a fascinating topic for research in itself but here, focusing on the 9th and 10th centuries, Marianne Vedeler takes a closer look at the trade routes and the organization of production, trade and consumption of silk during the Viking Age.

The book provides a general presentation of Bencharong as well as new insight into its nature, history and use, written by some of the leading scholars in the field. Similarities and differences between chinaware exported to Thailand and to other countries in the region are among the topics that are discussed. From which sources has Bencharong derived its unique design? What is the status of this porcelain in Thailand today?

Modern fiberglass sailboats are likely to lose, were they to engage in a sailing race with the outrigger canoes of Manus Province in Papua New Guinea.

The phenomenon of iconoclasm, expressed through hostile actions towards images, has occurred in many different cultures throughout history. The destruction and mutilation of images is often motivated by a blend of political and religious ideas and beliefs, and the distinction between various kinds of ‘iconoclasms’ is not absolute.

This anthology, written by an international group of anthropologists with hands-on experience from India and its multi-faceted fashion industry, explores the underlying dynamics of spectacular capitalism. The authors present a range of intriguing case studies that open up the potential for critique of the local as much as global system that reproduces hierarchies and inequalities, while providing us with a window into contemporary urban India.Tereza Kuldova (ed.) is a researcher and curator at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo.

A hair-raising tale of idealism, political corruption, shamanism, and survival in the Siberian wilderness.

Egmont serieforlaget i samarbeid med Kulturhistorisk museum.

Av Knut Paasche og Carl Barks

Pilegrimsreiser i middelalderens kristenhet.

Om mynt og myntenes funksjon som penger i Norge fra etableringen av myntvesenet under Harald Hardråde (1047 - 1066) til Svartedauen (1350).