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The objects in the collections of the Museum of Cultural History are registered in databases. They are published online through The University Museums' web portals.

The Museum of Cultural History's artefact collection can be accessed through the web portal developed and maintained by UniMus. A collaboration between the five Norwegian university museums concerned with cultural heritage.  

The information in databases originally came from handwritten catalogues. These days new acquisitions are digitally catalogued from the start.

Finished catalogue texts are published online. Generally all artefacts are described in the databases, however not all of these are published online.

Museum of Cultural History has several thousand images of artefacts as well as images from archaeological and anthropological fieldwork. Other types of work is also documented. These images can be viewed both separately and together with the artefacts.

The web portals facilitate combined queries throughout all the Norwegian university museums collections. This is a result of the collaborative cooperation between Museum of Cultural History and the other university museums in Norway through UniMus.

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