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Analysis Committee

Researchers who wish to have objects from our collections analysed can send us an application. Please note that applicants must have an institutional affiliation. If the applicant is a student, PhD candidate or without a permanent position, the supervisor or immediate supervisor must be registered as the responsible applicant.

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The analysis committee processes applications for analysis and sampling of objects and osteological material that are in the Cultural History Museum's collections.

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The application form and the Analysis Committee's work are based on the University Museums' common guidelines for sampling and analyses of cultural historical material (pdf, only available in Norwegian) from 2022.

The analysis committee consists of members from various research sections at the Museum of Cultural History and has regular meetings every other month where received applications are processed. Applicants must expect at least four weeks of processing time for the application.


Deadlines for submitting applications in the autumn of 2022:

  • August 17
  • October 19
  • December 7


Do you have questions regarding the application? 

Please contact the Head of the Analysis Committee Per Åke Persson.

Do you have questions regarding access to the material that have been applied for analysis?

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