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Research projects

The research projects of the MCH explore thematics within the three strategic research ares of the museum and are often connected to one or more of the research groups of the MCH.

The point of departure for the reasearch projects of the MCH is the relationship between research, administration and dissemination of research, and the unique opportunities of the museum to perform basic research on objects and collections which are defined as cultural heritage, and their places of origin.

Current projects

  • Avaldsnes Royal manor project

    The main research aim is to investigate the royal manors’ position in the early Norwegian kingdom, as well as in the kingdom’s prehistory in the first millennium AD.


    Bridging Research Across Heritage Studies.

  • Human Sacrifice and Value

    Why human sacrifice? The primary objective of the project is to generate a greater working knowledge of the nature of human sacrificial rituals as contextualised through the perspective of value. The project will forge a deeper understanding of the social mechanisms underpinning the slippery relationship between sacred acts of sacrifice and profane forms of violence.


    Towards a European research infrastructure for heritage science.

  • The impact of food culture in Medieval towns (FOODIMPACT)

    This project is the first major study of urban food culture in medieval Norway. Our main research question is: how did food culture facilitate the emergence of an urban identity?

  • UniMus:Kultur


  • Viking Nativity: Gjellestad Across Borders

    After the sensational discovery through geophysical survey of a previously unknown Viking ship burial at Gjellestad, Halden, the ongoing archaeological excavation led by the Museum of Cultural History has drawn massive international interest amongst both the general public and Viking scholars. The state-of-the-art excavation has produced new data and information that will benefit Viking research in years to come. The research project Viking Nativity: Gjellestad Across Borders aims to contextualise this exciting Viking ship burial and the Gjellestad site historically and explore its socio-political dimensions.