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Archaeology by proxy

Archaeological research is currently standing at an important crossroad created by the move towards Open Science and Big Data.

About the group

Open Science show the way toward transparent and reproducabel analysis and a more democratic science and data sharing. On the other hand, Big Data allow investigating research questions through new perspectives, which has not been possible by the use of limited and small data sets.

The main aim of the research group Archaeology by proxy is to create a productive scientific environment applying archaeological and palaeoecological data in analysis past population dynamics, settlement and ecological change.

We will work along to main strands:

  • Big Data approaches: Here we aim to take advantage of the open national and institutional databases. 
  • Open Science: Here we aim to push research at MCH and in Norwegian archaeology towards becoming a more open in terms of publishing data, software codes, etc., and to develop a more conscious attitude to the positive effects of open science and research.


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