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Artistic reconstruction of possible lighthouse on Mole L-ML1.
Artist: Yiannis Nakas (2017) ©LECHAION HARBOUR PROJECT


Emneord: Arkeologisk konservering, Feltkonservering, Underwater excavation, In situ protection, Wood identification

Utvalgte publikasjonar

Zisi, A. and Dix, J.K., 2018. Simulating mass loss of decaying waterlogged wood: A technique for studying ultrasound propagation velocity in waterlogged archaeological wood. Journal of Cultural Heritage, Volume 33, pp.39-47.


Zisi, A. and Dix, J.K. A non-destructive technique for determining the density of waterlogged wood, from archaeological sites, using ultrasound. In preparation.


Zisi A., 2015. Relationship Between Wood Density and Ultrasound Propagation Velocity: A Non-Destructive Evaluation of Waterlogged Archaeological Wood State of Preservation Based on its Underwater Acoustic Properties. PhD Thesis, pp. 202.


Zisi, A., Dix, J.K., and Best, A.I., 2013. Ultrasonic direct transmission for estimating the state of preservation of waterlogged archaeological wood. In Proceedings of the 12th ICOM-CC Group on Wet Organic Archaeological Materials Conference, Istanbul, pp.100-103.


Kavvouras, P.K., Costarelou, Ch., Zisi, A., Petrou, M. and Moraitou, G., 2009. Use of silanol-terminated polydimethysiloxane in the conservation of waterlogged archaeological wood. Studies in Conservation, Volume 54, Number 2, pp. 65-76. 


Zisi, A., Marathaki, N. and Velios, Th., 2008. Digital conservation and the new generation of conservators. Ethics, advantages and the role of the Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art at the A.T.E.I. of Athens, in Proceedings of the 2nd International Museology Conference (2004): "Technology in the Service of Cultural Heritage: Management, Education, Communication" editors: Alexandra Bounia, Nike Nikonanou, Maria Economou, Athens: Kaleidoscope Publishers.

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