Margrethe Felter

Arkeologisk konservator
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I have worked in the conservation department at York Archaeological Trust since 2005 after completing an MA in Principles of Conservation and MSc in Conservation for archaeology and Museums at the Institute of Archaeology, University College, London.
I work on all archaeological materials both freshly excavated and those on display but I have particular interest in bone and antler objects as well as metals, maritime archaeology and on-site conservation and lifting of fragile materials.

I am currently on sabbatical and working at The Museum of Cultural History until December 2021.  

I have attended excavations/heritage sites in Orkney, Turkey, Jordan, Azerbeijan and Turkmenistan, as well as sites closer to home. 

I am an accredited member of ICON (the Institute of Conservation, UK), an Associate Member of CIfA (the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists where I am currently serving as secretary on the Finds Special Interest Group and I have recently become a member of ICOM, where I am serving as assistant coordinator of the Wet Organic Archaeological Materials (WOAM) working group.

Emneord: Konservering, Arkeologiske gjenstander, Feltkonservering, Utstillinger, Maritime genstander, Materiell analyse

Utvalgte publikasjonar

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Crawshaw, A and Felter, M (2010), ‘Possible use of the Calcium complex of EDTA to remove iron from bone, ivory, teeth and antler’, in Straetkvern, K and Williams, E (eds), Proceedings of the 11th ICOM-CC Group on Wet Organic Archaeological Materials Conference, Greenville 2010, 463-473, ICOM

D’Arcangelo, D, Caldwell, K, White, S and Felter, M (2012), Heritage Without Borders in Turkmenistan 2011’, ICON News 41, 15-18, Institute of Conservation, London

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