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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Vasstveit, Inger Kristine Social anthropology
Picture of Marianne Vedeler Vedeler, Marianne Professor +47 22859569 +4798654089 Archaeology, Textiles and Clothing, Medieval Archaeology, Food culture, Collection management
Picture of Margunn Veseth Veseth, Margunn Conservator, the Conservation Section +47 22 85 95 10 +47 932 10 107 Conservation
Picture of Ingrid Vibe Vibe, Ingrid Senior Executive Officer +47 22 85 99 10
Picture of Vegard Vike Vike, Vegard Head Engineer - Archaeological conservation +47-95821322 Conservation, Understanding of Objects, Reconstruction, Viking Age, Middle Ages
Visnes, Tom Øyvind Adviser
Vogt, David Associate Professor +47 22851855
Picture of Marit Væhle Væhle, Marit Senior Executive Officer +47 22859924
Picture of Anne Vaalund Vaalund, Anne Adviser +47 22844247 University history, Database, Collections, Photo archive
Wammer, Mari Parelius Adviser +47 48039450 Communication, Social media, marketing
Picture of Tone Wang Wang, Tone Senior Adviser +47 22851915 Exhibitions
Wangen, Vivian Researcher +47 22859649 Archaeology
Picture of Gro Birgit Ween Ween, Gro Birgit Professor +47 22845919 Social Anthropology, Ethnography, Arctic, indigenous, Sami, Yupic Alaska, Aboriginal Australia
Picture of Camilla Cecilie Wenn Wenn, Camilla Cecilie Adviser +47 22859435 +47 90404209 Settlement Archaeology, Graves, iron production, tar production, cultivation, Iron Age, Viking Age, Turkey, Italy, Classical archaeology, Roman pottery, water management
Winther, Torgeir Adviser +47 47644427
With, Ruben Head Engineer
Picture of Kristel Zilmer Zilmer, Kristel Professor Runology, Epigraphy, Textual Cultures, Old Norse philology, Iconography, Archaeological artefacts, Visual and material culture, Reception Studies
Picture of Angeliki Zisi Zisi, Angeliki Head Engineer +47 22859507 Archaeological wood, Archaeological artefacts, Archeological conservation, Wood identification, Underwater excavation, In situ protection
Znotins, Ralfs Senior Executive Officer +47 22859513 Cataloguing, Classification, Databases, Ethnography, Social Anthropology
Picture of Einar Østmo Østmo, Einar Archaeology
Picture of Mari Arentz Østmo Østmo, Mari Arentz Adviser +47 22859845 Archaeology
Picture of Hanne Lovise Aannestad Aannestad, Hanne Lovise Senior Engineer +47 22859980 Archaeology, Collection management, Viking Age
Picture of Bjarte Einar Aarseth Aarseth, Bjarte Einar Senior Engineer +47 22135297 +47 41451115 Oseberg ship, Viking ship. Gokstad ship, Woodcarving, The Oseberg wagon, The Oseberg bed, 3D scanning