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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Farideh Faramarzi Faramarzi, Farideh Senior Executive Officer +47-22859984 Iranianarkeologi and arthistory, Classification, Cataloguing, Databases
Fossum, Guro Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22851985 Hunter-gatherers, climate change, lithic technology, Mesolithic
Picture of Hilde Sofie Frydenberg Frydenberg, Hilde Sofie Senior Executive Officer +47-22859333 Archive, ePhorte, Documentation
Picture of Øivind Fuglerud Fuglerud, Øivind Professor +47-22859992 +47-97022203 Nationalism, Sri Lanka, Migration, Ethnography, Materiality and mediation, Diaspora, Social anthropology, Rituals and Cosmology, Ethnicity, South Asia
Gjerpe, Lars Erik Associate Professor +47-22859368 +47-97535560 Archeology
Picture of Ann Zanette Tsigaridas Glørstad Glørstad, Ann Zanette Tsigaridas Associate Professor +47-22851971 Archeology
Picture of Håkon Glørstad Glørstad, Håkon Museum Director +47-22859574 +47-99292802 Archeology
Picture of Lars Groseth Groseth, Lars Administrative Manager +47-22851946
Picture of Svein Harald Gullbekk Gullbekk, Svein Harald Professor +47-22859946 91534240 Numismatics, coinage, medieval monetization, medieval history, coin-finds
Picture of Ingar Mørkestøl Gundersen Gundersen, Ingar Mørkestøl Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859471 +47-99038262 Archeology
Picture of Martin Hager-Saltnes Hager-Saltnes, Martin Lecturer +47-22859981 +47-97192535 Exhibitions, Museum Pedagogy
Halvorsen, Anne Britt Adviser +47-22859804 95081014
Hanssen, Lars Martin Senior Executive Officer +47-22135282
Picture of Stephen Ernest Harding Harding, Stephen Ernest Professor II
Picture of David Hauer Hauer, David Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22135299 +47-91182856
Picture of Camilla Haugan Haugan, Camilla Adviser +47-22859924 Oracle (OA), Web Publishing, Administration, HR System, User support
Picture of Tom Heibreen Heibreen, Tom Senior Executive Officer +47-22851922 Recruitment, Appointments, Administration, Purchasing, Reporting
Picture of Kirsten Jensen Helgeland Helgeland, Kirsten Jensen Head Engineer +47-22859406 41508006 41508006
Picture of Guro Hjulstad Hjulstad, Guro Head Engineer +47-22859578
Hofseth, Toril Cecilie Skaaraas On leave Web editor, Communication
Picture of Ellen C. Holte Holte, Ellen C. Head Engineer +47-22859935 Photograph, Documentation
Picture of Anne Karin Håbu Håbu, Anne Karin Head Engineer +47-22859909 92269481
Picture of Frode Iversen Iversen, Frode Professor +47-22845751
Jensen, Jan S. Adviser +47-22851952 Health, safety and environment, Administration
Picture of Maria Malherbes Jensen Jensen, Maria Malherbes Head Engineer +47-22851975 Preventiv conservation, Archaeological conservation