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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ann Christine Eek Eek, Ann Christine Documentation, Photograph
Picture of Katherine Valle Elliott Elliott, Katherine Valle Lecturer +47 22859927 Exhibitions, Museum Pedagogy
Picture of Emma Emanuelsson Emanuelsson, Emma Head Engineer +47 48097651
Picture of Jason Augustijn Falkenburg Falkenburg, Jason Augustijn Adviser
Picture of Farideh Faramarzi Faramarzi, Farideh Senior Executive Officer +47 22859984 Iranianarkeologi and arthistory, Databases, Cataloguing, Classification
Felter, Margrethe Gjedboe Head Engineer Conservation, Archeology, Exhibitions, Material analysis
Picture of Ingrid Louise Engelsen Flatval Flatval, Ingrid Louise Engelsen Section Manager
Picture of Guro Fossum Fossum, Guro Adviser +47 22851985 Mesolithic, lithic technology, climate change, Hunter-gatherers
Friis, Ellen Kathrine Adviser
Picture of Øivind Fuglerud Fuglerud, Øivind Professor +47 22859992 Social anthropology, Ethnography, South Asia, Sri Lanka, Diaspora, Ethnicity, Materiality and mediation, Migration, Nationalism, Rituals and Cosmology
Fuglevik, Lars Morten Doctoral Research Fellow
Gjerpe, Lars Erik Associate Professor +47 22859368 +47 97535560 Archeology
Picture of Ann Zanette Tsigaridas Glørstad Glørstad, Ann Zanette Tsigaridas Associate Professor +47 22851971 Archeology, Viking Age, Early Medieval Studies, Burial studies, Dress, Cultural transmission, Aesthetics and society
Picture of Håkon Glørstad Glørstad, Håkon Museum Director +47-22859574 +47-99292802 Archeology
Picture of Lars Groseth Groseth, Lars Administrative Manager +47 22851946 +47 92671990
Picture of Svein Harald Gullbekk Gullbekk, Svein Harald Professor +47 22859946 Numismatics, medieval history, coinage, coin-finds, medieval monetization
Picture of Øivind Gulliksen Gulliksen, Øivind Senior Adviser +47 22859963
Picture of Ingar Mørkestøl Gundersen Gundersen, Ingar Mørkestøl Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859471 Archeology, environmental humanities, climate, climate change, Iron Age, iron production, Settlement Archaeology, Landscape archaeology, Epistemology, resilience theory, societal vulnerability
Gustafson, Lillian
Picture of Ida Marie Bjørknes Gaarder Gaarder, Ida Marie Bjørknes Adviser +47 22858641 +47 95212402 Web editor
Picture of Martin Hager-Saltnes Hager-Saltnes, Martin Lecturer +47 22859981 +47 97192535 Exhibitions, Museum Pedagogy
Halvorsen, Anne Britt Adviser +47 22859804
Picture of Olav Hamran Hamran, Olav Section Manager +47 22845779
Picture of Anita Marie Hansen Hansen, Anita Marie Senior Adviser +47 22859567
Picture of Birgit Wilster Hansen Hansen, Birgit Wilster Senior Engineer +47 22851934 +47 48423512